If you follow fashion, you know one thing for certain: The stuff that comes straight off the runway can look kooky on the average Joe and Jane. Now, that’s not to say you shouldn’t ever try anything new—especially if you’re a bit adventurous on the sartorial front—but the fact remains that not all looks that are popular in the fashion world are winners. And no year has that ever been more true than 2018.

From ostentatious patterns and colors to ill-advised past-decade throwbacks (mostly from the ’90s), 2018 was loaded with fashion pitfalls. Here are all the styles from the past year that need to go the way of the dodo—like, yesterday.

1. Chunky Dad Sneakers

worst fashion trends

The world’s ugliest sneakers became fashion’s hottest footwear this year. But like a lot of other eye-catching fashion trends, this one is already on its way out. Opt for cleaner, more classic sneaker silhouettes for an athleisure look that will never go out of style.

2.Tiny Sunglasses

worst fashion trends

“Tiny Matrix-inspired sunglasses are a nostalgic trend that came back strong in 2018,” says Colleen Babul, stylist operations manager for Snap+Style Business. “This is a trend that I am happy to leave behind. This trend only looks good on a small percentage of people, so unless you have the bone structure of Bella Hadid, I would stick to a shape that complements your face.”

3. Tracksuits

worst fashion trends

To go along with your bulbous sneakers, why not pick up a lounge-friendly tracksuit? If you want to look like an out-of-touch suburban dad, this is your look. Otherwise, skip it.

4 Logo Overload

woman wearing all gucci at milan fashion week

Graphic tees, handbags, sweatshirts, and more with designer logos are back in a big way, but not all fashion experts are fans of this flashy look. Take the logo handbag, for example: “If you are carrying it, don’t you own it?” asks Helena Apothaker, store director at Decades.

5. Cold Shoulder Sleeves

worst fashion trends

File this under: Trends that won’t die. Cold shoulders felt fresh and modern when they were brought back into the popular fold a couple of years ago. But now? They’re just outstaying their welcome.

6. Clear Shoes and Handbags

worst fashion trends

This trend found its origins on the runway, but outside fashion editorials and celebrity Instagram posts, it just looks, well, cheap.

7. Majorly Oversized Clothes

worst fashion trends