Month: February 2020

4 Common Fashion Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Fashion changes faster than seasons so it is usually a tough task to always keep oneself updated about the latest trends and its not really possible to stock up the wardrobe with the everyday change of fashion but apart from a refill of wardrobe with the ongoing trends, there’s another way to keep your look fashionable which is to avoid the mistakes that could ruin your entire look. In this article we will be discussing about the mistakes that surely needs to be avoided right from today for a mesmerizing look which would eventually enhance your personality.

Listed below are the 4 common mistakes that should be avoided for best fashion wardrobe;

Not buying based upon your body type

Apparently, many say that irrespective your body type, you can wear whatever you wish too but ensure carrying it well. Well, I don’t agree with the same. I would suggest you avoid committing this blunder, every person is blessed with a great face and body type so why ruin it with fashion. Forget the trend, wear that suits you and makes you feel good.

Not Experimenting

Wearing clothes by not considering the body type might not be a good idea but not experimenting with the colours and patterns is even worse. Do not stick yourself with a step of 4 to 5 colours and the patterns. Ensure have floral, simple subtle, party wear dresses with bright colors in your closet. Let your wardrobe be as unique as possible.

Over Accessorizing

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Its true that no look is complete with accessories and precisely, the right accessories. But that doesn’t mean you have to fill in yourself from top to bottom with huge necklaces, long earrings, belts and handbags. Do not over accessories yourself, it would make your look clumsier. The rule with accessories is that go light with heavy outfits and go heavy with light plain outfits.

Not trying before buying

Do not go along the flow while you are out for shopping. It’s important that you have sufficient time for shopping to add on a nice collection to your wardrobe. Running out of time would not permit you to try out on things that you plan to buy which is not a good thing to do. Has everything that looks prettier might not suit you be it the pattern or the color. So, do try before you buy.

Hope, the above listed fashion mistakes helps you up your best fashion game. To know more about fashion, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.