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3 Best Indian Fashion Designers

Fashion Industry of India has witnessed an electrifying emerge from past two decades and brought immense popularity to the country and has successfully create a benchmark for the Indian fashion industry across the globe and undoubtedly the credit goes to our fashion designers who has been successful in bringing a revolution to the Indian fashion and made it reach to the top. Starting from bridal attires to indo-western outfits, the designers has been contributing a lot to the industry. In this article we will be discussing about some of the most famous Indian fashion designers who has marked their existence internationally.

Listed below are the best-known names in the history of Fashion Designers, India

Manish Malhotra

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Manish Malhotra, needs to real introduction. He is one such fashion designer to loves to be captured in page 3 parties and is usually seen in newspapers and magazines every now and then. Manish Malhothra is the most favorite designer for many Bollywood celebrities which includes Kareena Kapoor Khan, Raveena Tandon, Late Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit and the list goes on. There is no Bollywood actress who hasn’t worn a piece designed by him, be it for events, movies or shoot. What makes Manish Malhotra styling unique is that he designs the look based upon the character and this talent of his is making him rule the fashion industry.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

There would scarcely be any Indian girl who hasn’t dreamt of wearing a Sabyasachi lehenga on her wedding day. The designer is best known for his authentic touch in the outfit, the embellishments. He started his label back in 1999 and was recognized by famous personalities within a very short period of time. Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s work is more oftenly described as “international styling with an Indian soul”. The bridal lehenga designed by him for the D-day of Anushka Sharma created a buzz which went on for months.

Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar is considered as one of the leading ladies in the fashion industry. Starting her journey with a tiny studio in the Kolkata to owning 27 stores across the stores, made her label Ritu Kumar a huge brand. Her designs reflect a balance of contemporary styling along with the Indian aesthetics which won people’s heart and is still continuing too.

Planning to buy a designer outfit? Picking outfits of any of the above listed  fashion designers, India would never disappoint you. To know more about fashion, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.

Benefits of Wearing Makeup

You might have come across various statements related to beauty, few would suggest that natural beauty is the best one to flaunt so why cover it with makeup and few would suggest that its great to enhance your beauty by using the various makeup products available in the market today. Well, no one can really say which statement is the right one but I’m sure many would say that it’s just perception of an individual. And as a woman, I would with the statements related to in support of makeup. I believe makeup brings along many benefits that are necessary in a daily life and in this article, I will be discussing about the makeup benefits in a day to day routine.

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Makeup builds up self confidence

The moment you step out, you will be intentionally and unintentionally by hundreds of people crossing your path based on your appearance. So, its important to be confident of your looks in order to face the world boldly and makeup is the best way to boost your confidence which would make you look prettier.

Makeup protects skin

Its natural for any skin to get affected when it directly gets in contact with pollution, smog etc which would eventually cause damage to the skin. Makeup would be shield to your skin that would avoid direct contact with toxic substances, instead keep it healthier for a longer term. Though makeup doesn’t promise a complete protection against any harmful substance but it surely reduces the risk of damage that might be caused.

Makeup enhances appearance

Every woman wants to look their best but its tough to do so due to the tans and incorrect skin tone and makeup would be the best resource. Beauty products has the potential to enhance the sharp features that a woman has. A stroke of eyeliner can define eyes, blush can make the cheeks look more prominent.

Makeup adds fun

Makeup is all about creating looks and its fun to do when you do it based upon your mood. A lazy day would want you to go for a natural makeup look, a party night would want you go for a bling makeup and such more. Overall, makeup gives you freedom to experiment with itself and create looks based on the occasion and your mood.

To conclude, makeup is one of the best way to make your features noticeable and look outstanding and confident amidst the crowd of hundreds and more and make you feel positive. To know more about makeup benefits, stay tuned.

Top 3 Instagram Fitness Models

Fitness has always been a hot topic has a body in right shape is admired and adored the most. It’s natural for an individual to feel happy seeing a fitness model and would some or the point desire to be in their place. Also, one would realize how important it is to get away with few pounds in order to avoid an early death, instead have a healthy longer lifestyle. Earlier, the inspiration to remain fit was only through the medium of televisions and radios but now has the world evolved, so did the medium of fitness inspiration. Now, social media platforms are the trendiest medium that encourages people to stay fit. If you are looking for an inspiration for the same then you have come to the right place, in this article we will be discussing about the famous Instagram models that are a great inspiration.

Here’s a list of top 3 Instagram Fitness Models

Sommer Ray

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Sommer Ray, a 21-year-old girl hailing from Colorado began posting pictures and videos of her in the September month of 2016 and within a short period of time she gained thousands of followers due to her incredible workout sessions. She belongs from body building family, her parents were into weight lifting and at an early age of 15 she also decided to join the family tradition. Sommer Ray also operates a YouTube channel where she shares her blogs and vlog which inspires many.

Jen Selter

Jen Setler, a 24-year-old belonging from America is best known for her social media presence and fitness modelling. At a very early age she understood the importance of staying physically active and this made her step into fitness and soon sculpted a flawless body. Apart from posting pictures and videos, Jen Selter has appeared in many television shows where she was seen as a fitness trainer giving lessons to the viewers. She has also worked for many huge brands which includes Nike and Circus Fitness.

Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sagra, a 24-year-old Colombian girl started her professional life by stepping into fashion designing and modelling. She always preferred having a skinny body rather a muscular one and one fine day she met a personal trainer who changed her perception towards life and this led her to take interest in fitness and she then started enjoying weight training the most. She is now a successful fitness model and a bodybuilder.

Hope, the above listed Instagram fitness models has been successful in inspiring you for the same and start your fitness journey at the earliest.

How to Apply Eyeliner?

To define eyes, eyeliner is the best product for the same. Makeup look is never completed with a perfect eyeliner stroke. Eyeliner has the capability to enhance your makeup styling and make your look dramatic while providing you with a stunning face. Applying makeup isn’t really tough but applying it right is surely especially when it comes to eyeliners. Also, as the fashion is evolving, so does makeup looks are and eyeliner is one such product that could be experimented in infinite ways. Eyeliner is available in 3 forms which is Pencil eyeliner, Liquid eyeliner and Gel eyeliner and in this article, we will be discussing about how apply eyeliner of pencil and liquid flawlessly. Take a look below;

Applying Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil eye liners are best for achieving natural or a smudged look easily. For nice subtle look, you can just apply one single stroke and for dramatic smoky eye makeup, you can smudge the eyeliner in a specific direction for a tidy outcome. Do not forget to sharpen your pencil before every application for a significant look and also the temperature of the pencil is really important to not. For a darker and pigmented look, turn on your hair dryer and blow it around the pencil and for a soft, natural application, place the eye liner in freezer for 5-10 minutes and then apply it. Before applying, hold on to the outer corner of the eyelid and then begin with the inner corner and then go across. For a natural look, apply liner between the spaces of eyelashes and the upper lid and then end up with lining your lower lash line.

Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid liners are tough thing to deal with but is definitely worth it. Before applying the eyeliner, its necessary to shake off the eyeliner bottle to ensure that it is well mixed. Once done shaking, you can start with in the middle and then move towards the outer edge of the lash line. You can then fill in the gaps and for a winged look, you can go for the outer corner of the lower lash line. If a mistake is made while applying the eye liner, dab a cotton in an liquid oil and use the tip of to wipe away the excess liner easily.

Hope, now you know how apply eyeliner for a achieve a flawless look. To know more about beauty products, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.

Best Diet Plan Apps

Focused towards eating healthier and maintaining a well-balanced diet on a regular basis? In need of losing few pounds to get back in shape? Well, in theory it’s pretty much simple to do- Exercise more, eat less but its equally tough to execute the same. There’s a lot more things to do in order to stay fit and get back in shape, cutting down on junk food is not the only path towards your goal to reduce weight. It’s important know what exactly is good for you and what’s not in order to gain the required the amount of nutrition. To help you out in your journey to eat healthy and stay healthy, we have curated a list of top 3 best diet plan apps that would help you do the same. Take a look below;

My FitnessPal

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My FitnessPal is an effective calorie counter app that offers a list of over 5 million varieties of food. Being user-friendly, it would take few minutes for you to monitor your diet and workout sesh. The app features an option wherein you can punch in your desired weight and how much weight you are willing to lose each week. Also, it facilitates an option for its user to build in a custom plan for oneself.

My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach offers many advanced features that are essential. The free version of the app offers features like constant reminders, photos for motivation, perseverance tips and a diet diary where as the premium version of My Diet Coach offers a food craving panic button, along with a weight chart and a points-based system. You can set reminders that would remind you to drink water in every little while. For motivation, you can positively rely on this app as it would suggest some of the most efficient tips that are great to consider.

Lose It

As the name suggests, Lose it focuses mainly on losing back and the name itself would remind you about your desired goals. The app will set-up over your device by asking few questions based on your physique and goals and using the info that you shared, The image recognition feature would identify the food that you will be eating which means you would not have to enter any set of details manually. The app is best known for giving amply of insights.

And here the list ends. Hope, the above listed info about the apps has helped you to pick the right one for yourself. To know more, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.

Best Makeup Shopping Sites in India

Shopping online can help you preserve much of your energy, time and money most of the times. India offers many shopping apps for online shopping be it for grocery shopping, apparel shopping and makeup products shopping. Talking more about beauty products, online shopping for the same needs to be paid extra attention has you cannot go wrong with the products. While many online sites have been indulging in delivering fake products, its best to research about it and then shop. Running out of time when it comes to researching? Not to worry, we are here to help you. In this article we will be discussing about the top 4 online shopping sites that are reliable.

Listed below are the Best Makeup Shopping Sites;

Image result for

Nykaa, launched in 2012 by Falguni Nayar is complete makeup products niche-based website and app. Apart from offering makeup products of various national and international brands, it als offers a wide range of products for skin care and health care. Nykaa has been considered to be the most trusted place for meeting all your beauty shopping needs. The interface is user-friendly and attractive which sticks the audience for a longer time ending up buying more than what one needed at the best prices.

Founded in 2011 by Manish Taneja, Slassy is an exclusive online based fashion and beauty store offering huge collection of branded products for both men and women. Slassy is a combination of Stylish & Classy and aims to provide the same to its consumers. Starting from lipsticks to jewellery, slassy provides it all and the products offered by it are undoubtedly of a superior quality as it doesn’t believe in compromising with the quality.


Myntra, has been in the online industry from a long run. Founded in 2007 by Mukesh Bansal, Vinnet Saxena and Ashutosh Lawania has been considered to be the most preferred online shopping site as it is a one stop shop hub offering apparels, cosmetics, skin care products for all, men and women. The easy to return policy and various modes of payment facility grabbed a lot of the attention in the beginning of its launch and thereafter Myntra begun climbing the success steps.

Hope, by now you have already picked the best ones for yourself from the above listed shopping sites that are 100% reliable. To know more about beauty, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.