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Best Diet Plan Apps

Focused towards eating healthier and maintaining a well-balanced diet on a regular basis? In need of losing few pounds to get back in shape? Well, in theory it’s pretty much simple to do- Exercise more, eat less but its equally tough to execute the same. There’s a lot more things to do in order to stay fit and get back in shape, cutting down on junk food is not the only path towards your goal to reduce weight. It’s important know what exactly is good for you and what’s not in order to gain the required the amount of nutrition. To help you out in your journey to eat healthy and stay healthy, we have curated a list of top 3 best diet plan apps that would help you do the same. Take a look below;

My FitnessPal

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My FitnessPal is an effective calorie counter app that offers a list of over 5 million varieties of food. Being user-friendly, it would take few minutes for you to monitor your diet and workout sesh. The app features an option wherein you can punch in your desired weight and how much weight you are willing to lose each week. Also, it facilitates an option for its user to build in a custom plan for oneself.

My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach offers many advanced features that are essential. The free version of the app offers features like constant reminders, photos for motivation, perseverance tips and a diet diary where as the premium version of My Diet Coach offers a food craving panic button, along with a weight chart and a points-based system. You can set reminders that would remind you to drink water in every little while. For motivation, you can positively rely on this app as it would suggest some of the most efficient tips that are great to consider.

Lose It

As the name suggests, Lose it focuses mainly on losing back and the name itself would remind you about your desired goals. The app will set-up over your device by asking few questions based on your physique and goals and using the info that you shared, The image recognition feature would identify the food that you will be eating which means you would not have to enter any set of details manually. The app is best known for giving amply of insights.

And here the list ends. Hope, the above listed info about the apps has helped you to pick the right one for yourself. To know more, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.