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Top 3 Instagram Fitness Models

Fitness has always been a hot topic has a body in right shape is admired and adored the most. It’s natural for an individual to feel happy seeing a fitness model and would some or the point desire to be in their place. Also, one would realize how important it is to get away with few pounds in order to avoid an early death, instead have a healthy longer lifestyle. Earlier, the inspiration to remain fit was only through the medium of televisions and radios but now has the world evolved, so did the medium of fitness inspiration. Now, social media platforms are the trendiest medium that encourages people to stay fit. If you are looking for an inspiration for the same then you have come to the right place, in this article we will be discussing about the famous Instagram models that are a great inspiration.

Here’s a list of top 3 Instagram Fitness Models

Sommer Ray

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Sommer Ray, a 21-year-old girl hailing from Colorado began posting pictures and videos of her in the September month of 2016 and within a short period of time she gained thousands of followers due to her incredible workout sessions. She belongs from body building family, her parents were into weight lifting and at an early age of 15 she also decided to join the family tradition. Sommer Ray also operates a YouTube channel where she shares her blogs and vlog which inspires many.

Jen Selter

Jen Setler, a 24-year-old belonging from America is best known for her social media presence and fitness modelling. At a very early age she understood the importance of staying physically active and this made her step into fitness and soon sculpted a flawless body. Apart from posting pictures and videos, Jen Selter has appeared in many television shows where she was seen as a fitness trainer giving lessons to the viewers. She has also worked for many huge brands which includes Nike and Circus Fitness.

Anllela Sagra

Anllela Sagra, a 24-year-old Colombian girl started her professional life by stepping into fashion designing and modelling. She always preferred having a skinny body rather a muscular one and one fine day she met a personal trainer who changed her perception towards life and this led her to take interest in fitness and she then started enjoying weight training the most. She is now a successful fitness model and a bodybuilder.

Hope, the above listed Instagram fitness models has been successful in inspiring you for the same and start your fitness journey at the earliest.

Best Fitness Apps

Smartphones has been considered to be boon to an individual, it can run your life. It Apart from handling most of your work, there’s a lot smartphone can do for you and one such thing includes enabling oneself to stay fit and healthy. Technology has been developed to a greater range wherein it has come up with certain apps that can help you to stay fit. All that you will have to do is to download it and follow the instructions. As the market is flooded with fitness apps there are high probabilities of missing out the best ones so to help you out in this article, we will be discussing about the best fitness apps on which one can blindly rely for better results.

Listed below are the best fitness apps;

Google Fit

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Google Fit, developed by Google has received nods from top publishers because of its efficiency. It is an incredible workout tracker app which uses sensor to monitor the fitness activities. From walking to biking, all the events will be tracked. Also, the app permits you set goals involving distance, calorie burns and such more. It also offers a wide range of workouts that can be easily done at home. Being a free app, Google fit doesn’t force you to see any ad which means the app is completely ad free.

Calorie Counter

For those whose aim to reduce the excess weight, Calories Counter has to be an ideal option as it helps you in bringing you closer to your goals by each passing day and finally in accomplishing the same and it does so by keep a track record of what one eats in an entire day. You can manually add the food that you consume or the barcode scanner featured would help you do it. Apart from following with its workout, you can create and customize your workout sessions. Calorie Counter is also an freemium app.

Home Workout

As the name suggests, the app offers workouts that could be easily done by staying at home. Its best for all those who find it difficult to spare a specific time for a gym routine, Home workout would be your gym trainer. You can build muscles and stay fit by following the workout videos designed by experts. The app also features workout reminders and charts to follow.

Hope, you found the above listed info useful and pick the best fitness apps based on your preferences. To know more about fitness, stay connected to us.

4 Tips to Keep Yourself Fit

Congratulations for taking your fitness seriously and deciding upon things that can make you fit which would eventually make you feel great. Sustaining a healthy life isn’t really easy, it would require a lot of efforts but it will definitely be worth it as it will prepare your body to adapt to changes that would come your way while you began aging. So, its important to prepare yourself from today for a healthier tomorrow. Discipline, Patience, Motivation and Adaptability are the three most essential things required in your journey to stay fit. And to help you out in this stay fit journey, in this article we will be discussing certain tips to follow that can make it easier for you to keep yourself fit. Check out the list below;

Workout Everyday

Daily exercise for an hour in the morning can do magic to your body. Walk, jog or run, do whatever that you feel your body can adjust with but do not force your body for the same. Everything is good when done within a limit and so does work outs. Early morning sessions would keep you physically active the entire day and it is also proven that early morning workout everyday brings in better results than compared to any other time period.

Concentrate on what you eat.

Eating healthy is as equally important as working out regularly. Its tough to avoid junk food but its not really impossible. Keep your mind determined and then you can stay away from junk food easier. Include right portions of vitamins, proteins, minerals in your everyday meal.

Keep yourself Hydrated

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Drinking insufficient quantity of water would invite many diseases to your body and so, as the phrase says “Precaution is better than cure”, it is important to drink 2-3 litres of water each day in order to keep yourself fit. Also, drinking right quantity of water can help you lose weight.

Avoid smoking and Alcohol

The harm done by smoking and alcohol is not hidden by anyone. It can even take lives so its better to keep yourself away from toxic substances that can harm your body inside out. Also, smoking and alcohol tends to gain weight.

To conclude, the above listed fitness tips would surely lead you to a better and healthier lifestyle so, cheers to that. To know more about fitness, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.